Правила и соглашение

Terms and conditions you agree to when purchasing a product:

1. The post-purchase account control warranty does not exceed 12 hours (unless the site account description sets individual terms). Warranty is effective upon customer's receipt of product.

If you have any problems after purchasing the product, contact store support immediately (Telegram), do not delay, the earlier you write, the more likely it is to be resolved in your favor.

For requests to customer support - answer within 24 hours of request (usually this happens faster).

Account replacement is only possible in the case of an inactive/ misdata/ deleted/ limited account (if this feature is noted in the account description).

If the account was originally valid, the account will not be swapped, but will be blocked after connection and immediately after activity. The problem is probably yours and you did not comply with the account usage rules.

2. Return of money if an invalid account cannot be replaced. Refunds can only be made on personal account balances. At the store's discretion, the refund will be made to the account on which the payment was made (a transfer fee may be considered if it exceeds 1%).
If the customer purchased the wrong account, no money or exchange returns will be issued. It did not match and was not noted. Liability for these actions is borne by the buyer.

3. If you use an account purchased on the website, it is forbidden to

  • To use your original (local, home) IP address,
  • To use VPN services (paid or free)
  • To use a virtual machine, device simulator or server (VPS, VDS)
  • To use IPv6 - proxy, co-proxy, public proxy,
  • Sign in to two or more accounts, using one device and one proxy,

One account must use IPv4/Private Mobile/Resident Mediation and one new device. At most, anti-Re detection browser.
In case of violation of these rules, the store has the right to refuse to replace the invalid product.

4. The guarantee of the use of the product extends to the fact that access to the account may be made by means of a user name and password (unless otherwise specified in the description, e.g. connection to cookies).
If the account does not work or work correctly with software / extensions / 3rd party scenarios (YOU) etc. - this is not a reason for exchange / refund.

5. After purchasing the product, within 12 hours, the purchaser must change the data with their own data (password / email etc.) to avoid random import / change data from third parties. Upon receiving the product, the customer is responsible for the security of their account. The store is not responsible for products whose data has been changed after some time.

6. Please check / use the product immediately after purchase. Please feel free to contact us. Contact us after the warranty period has expired. If the product is found to be defective, we may refuse to replace it.

7. The buyer agrees not to create unnecessary trash/spam and in-shame/use sacrilege. The store and its staff have the right to refuse to serve/block the customer without the right of recompense.

8. The store is not a storage place for the purchased goods, since upon receipt of the goods the buyer is obliged to keep the goods with him and may use them further

9. If the buyer makes changes to the purchased products only to discover that some additional data in the account does not work and submits a refund/exchange request, the buyer may be rejected because of the data registered in the Account.

10. The warranty may be voided if the application is submitted after the expiration date. You must submit your request as soon as you encounter a problem with your product, regardless of whether support is online or not.
The support card must include a complete description of the problem for all data, including: the name of the product, the product's name, the product's name, the product's name, the product's name, the product's name, the product's name, and the product's name. The more delays and the less complete data provided immediately, the more likely the exchange will be denied.

11. The store and its employees do not provide the following services
They will not tell you how to use your account or provide you with tips on how to use your account.
When you purchase an account, you should know why you need the account, how to connect to it, and how to use it properly.
We do not offer any services other than selling accounts.

Ignorance of the PoW rules does not alleviate liability.
The store has the right to change the rules without prior notice to the customer!